Have a colored version of dean’s fantasy to make up for lack of posts! <3


So this is the mural mock up I did with the awesome opaltats and today we found out that we actually got one of the mural spots so team free will is going to have their faces on our school’s wall for a least a couple years! sorry for the grainy pic it’s from a phone and I haven’t gotten a nicer one yet.

*non au post* So I feel really bad for not answering your questions! (I’m alive) but a BIG reason behind this is because my friend and I have been working on the mock up for *drum roll please* A SUPERNATURAL MURAL ON OUR SCHOOL WALL HURRAH!!! it still has to be voted in but we’re hoping for the best! So yeah supernatural, wall, school. And I’ve spent pretty much my only free time (which I don’t have much of since Junior year ugh) painting. More asks to come hopefully!! <3 

By grade - Gabe and Lucifer are Seniors , Anna and Dean are Juniors, Cas and Sam are Sophomores
wait what kind of questions w h a t

it’s like any typical ask blog you ask the character questions i.e. ‘Cas do you have any crushes cuz the new boy’s kinda cute’ or ‘How do you like high school Sammy’ and I’ll respond with a drawing graphic or story that answers the question!

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Castiel Milton, the youngest in a family of four kinda hates high school... until one day the Winchesters roll into town. 

I started an ask blog so come ask all the questions you want!